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Affordable Landscaping Ireland West Virginia

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    How to hire a professional affordable landscapers Ireland ?

    Landscaper are not cheap....but you could go to your local college and talk to the landscape/horticutural instructor and see if she/he has any students interested in sumitting ideas to you. Our local city college has a wonderful program with many talented students willing to help...especially if they can make a few bucks


    Landscaping cost Ireland ?

    Wondering what the cost should be for landscape work in Ireland ? It's on a slight hill, needs the lawn cut, a good amount of hedge trimming, and cutting back of a few trees, etc. What's the average a landscaper should charge? What is the right landscaping cost IrelandIt depends on many factor. First it depends on the size of the area you want to landscape. It also depends on what you want to do. Do you want plants everywhere or hardscapes? The many, many factors vary cost by a lot. River rock, rock walls, concrete patios, and decking are usually going to cost the most. Sod and plants with mulched beds is going to be a little cheaper but you are going to have more upkeep. If you gave the landscapers a little bit more info they could give you a better idea.


    Affordable Landscaping Services Ireland ?

    We have seen costs differ by as much as 50% on any given job so it's really impossible to give you a price without seeing what is involved. Most landscaping companies Ireland of landscape contractors Ireland will give free estimates.

    Make them give you in writing specifically what they are going to do so you can compare one to another.

    Another trick is if a contractor does not want the job for one reason or another they will give you an outrageous figure--maybe double the average. They don't want to do it but if you'll pay them double they will. Don't assume the high price is necessarily going to give you the best job.

    Also ask for references so you can contact other people who have had their work done by each specific contractor. Many times you can tell just by a drive-by what kind of work they do. Good luck !

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